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.Enfield Z Drive is a registered trade mark of Bob Knowles Plant Services Ltd.
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enfield z driveENFIELD Drive legs (or Z-Drives/Sterndrives) are very popular on the River, being easily lifted to clear or change the propeller or for mooring in shallow water.

Enfield model 130 Z Drives may be used with engines producing up to 140 lbsft (19 Kgm) maximum torque. For petrol engines this is equal to approximately 130 HP. When diesel engines are used, the horse power may be 70-80 HP depending on the make and type of engine.

The Enfield Z Drive can only be used with engines which rotate anti-clockwise when viewed from aft.
Close or distance coupled to any inboard engine, the drive can take a propeller up to 14" (355mm) diameter through reduction of 1.65:1. Propeller rotation is standard left hand; right hand is available for use with counter rotating twin installations.
Swivel and non-swivel versions are available.

Key Benefits
Swivel unit weighs only 104 lbs (47Kgs), and is ready to bolt direct to your transom. Inboard cranking means that the swivel model can lift athwartships for easy parking and maintenance, and lift 55° rearward to help avoid underwater obstructions.
The non-swivelling model embodies all the features of the swivel model with the exception of the athwartships parking mode, but has the advantage of a price and weight reduction to 90lbs (41 Kgs), and a greater lifting angle of 70°.
DIY users will find fitting simple and straightforward.

We supply a standard coupling kit from the engine flywheel to the Z Drive, morse cable kits, propeller and nose cone kit. We supply a rudder which can be clamped to the Enfield Z Drive.

It is essential that these units are regularly serviced, correctly set up and oil level maintained. Serious and expensive damage can be caused by neglecting regular service. Any leaks from the several oil seals will allow water to enter and oil to seep out. This will cause corrosion of the internal parts, premature failure of bearings and gears and possible total seizure.
Even the simple task of replacing a gear shift cable requires exact setting up for correct performance.

We carry a full range of spares, seals, gaskets and all commonly required service parts. Any items we do not have in stock can be obtained overnight if necessary.
Several items have been modified over the years and we will be happy to advise on your particular unit.
We are experts at servicing Enfield Drives, have a selection of special tools and the experience to strip and re-build your unit to the latest specifications. The picture above shows a unit just lifted from the water.
Below we shall be showing pictures  of the new modifications, some examples of severe damage and a finished unit.

oil seal housingsThe new oilseal housing for the lower unit now has the capacity to  take two back to back oil seals, providing a positive seal for both the internal oil and the external water pressure.
Well worth changing this part when the lower unit is stripped. It is a simple replacement.

rodsThis picture shows the original gear shift rod and fork on the left with the new modifications on the right.
As you can see the original shift rod is simply a bent rod prone to distortion whereas the modification is a complete circle which cannot deform.
The fork which actuates the gearshift has also been modified from simple pressed steel to a much more robust bronze casting.
These parts require considerable work to replace involving removal of the gear change bearing, stripping the lower unit and removal and replacement of the prop. shaft ball bearing race. Once fitted there should be a positive improvement in gear engagement.

bearingsThe roller bearings which support the various shafts and bevel gears have been upgraded to vastly increase the bearing surface. The new bearings fit in place of the originals but have more than twice the working surface area. Any units required to run under high load conditions should always be modified with these units. It does however require a complete stripdown of the upper and lower housing.

Enfield Spare Parts

Enfield 130 Leg Data

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Cutaway of 130 leg with Ref No and Part numbers in table below. - Click on pictures to enlarge                             

new steering assembly Part Nos 7299 + 3281307
Use part numbers to identify parts.
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